Dr. Creamer's research addresses applications of machine learning and social network (business analytics) algorithms to solve business problems, with an emphasis on finance. Among the areas in which he has been active: algorithmic trading, asset pricing based on news and corporate social networks (behavioral finance), energy finance, development of balanced scorecard for boards of directors, discovery of organizational hierarchy based on social networks and electronic communications, identity recognition and risk management, forecasting, risk management, and health economics.

In the area of algorithmic trading, Dr. Creamer has introduced boosting as a proper method to combine and select financial indicators and generate trading rules. In the area of asset pricing, he has included social network indicators to forecast price trends. In the area of organizational structures, he has pioneered the adoption of alternating decision trees to uncover relationships and factors that affect organizational structures. In the area of identity recognition, he has also designed patented identity recognition algorithms to identify customers.

Most of my publications can be downloaded from my SSRN profile: